Shiba Inu – Nori Sushi


Nori Sushi – Potatoes, omega-3 oil and Nori seaweed


Our promise:

No peanuts, meat by-products, fish by-products or eggs

No additives or artificial preservatives

No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors


Bag size: 6.1 x 9.5 inches

Bag weight: 100g – 3.5 oz

370 in stock

370 in stock


Shiba Inu dog biscuits – Potatoes, omega-3 oil & Nori seaweed. 

Treats are handmade in small batches and dehydrated to retain natural color. Made with food grade ingredients with plant proteins.

  • White potatoes are a source of nutrients.
  • Barley flour contains fibre for good digestion.
  • DHA-rich microalgae omega-3 oil
  • Organic Atlantic Nori Seaweed (Un Ocean de Saveurs)


Our trusted ingredients: Mashed white potatoes, rice and barley flour, omega-3 microalgae oil, organic Nori seaweed

It is recommended to give a maximum of 10% of the caloric requirement in treats.

Manufactured by Inova Source Inc.

MAPAQ Food Safety and Hygiene Manager Certification


Weight 0.110 kg
Dimensions 5.9 × 2 × 5.75 cm


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